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June 23 *Trans March - Join the TBN Contingent!* 6:30PM meet DETAILS

June 24, *BiWoT in the Dyke March* 1pm Meet at SE corner of Ted Roger's Way and Bloor Street (look for bi flag) DETAILS

June 25, *Pride Parade - March with TBN!* 1pm Meet at SE corner of Ted Roger's Way and Bloor Street (look for bi flag) DETAILS



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Please note: This list may not include all the information regarding the events (ie. menu availability, wheelchair accessibility, contact info). Feel free to research any event you wish to attend to find out more information.

  • Monthly Meetings

    These are the foundation upon which we build our community. To learn more about our monthly meetings click here.


  • Social Events

    These provide the opportunity to get to know each other, build friendships, and strengthen our community between meetings. Join on of our Yahoo groups to keep up with local events.


  • Monthly Brunch

    Everyone is welcome to our monthly social brunch! This is a friends and family event. You can bring whoever you like, though remember topics of conversation can be quite varied. If you're new to bisexuality or want to meet us in a social atmosphere instead of coming to a meeting, this is the place to go. We're always happy to have new people.

    Second Sunday of every month.

    The Churchmouse

    475 Church Street (Church and Maitland)

    Reservations are under the name "TBN."

    For more information please email info@torontobinet.org

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